Address: Strada Provinciale per Goriano, Castel di Ieri


In 1629 the Bishop of Sulmona - Francesco Cavalieri - noted in his report that the "chapel" of the Madonna del Soccorso had been much enlarged.  We know therefore that the small country church had been rebuilt during the first half of the 17th century on top of an existing building.


The church's flat, crowned façade sits between two massive corner cantonal stones of the type often found on the religious buildings of the L’Aquila region of Abruzzo. The middle section is enhanced and emphasized by a vertical door-window system. Around the doorway, of clearly 17th century taste, is a moulded frame with orders which end with kneeling ledges to support a triangular broken pediment above. In the centre is a small niche with a stone sculpture of the Virgin and Child.