Address: Castel di Ieri

Hours: Not open to visitors


Located at the highest part of the village, the stronghold, built by the Counts of Celano, guaranteed the ability to site, control and of course defend the surrounding territory.
It is a rare military example of a square tower in Abruzzo without a sloping wall at the base and it could date back to the Norman castle construction period.


The tower is completely walled, with access from the mezzanine floor at the level of the first protective wall. This might perhaps have originally been higher up according to a painting of the late 19th century. It consists of regular stone blocks, devoid of battlements or defensive devices. The city gate on the eastern side, which recently suffered some inteference, constituted the entrance way which once connected to the outside of the village through a retractable drawbridge.


Inside a metal spiral staircase connects the four floors. Only on the second level are three small openings.